Unique finishes with Toray surface transfer films

News Toray Films Europe, News - posted 28/07/2017

Toray Films Europe offers a wide range in surface transfer films. Depending the kind of processes, several Lumirror® films can be used...

Our participation in PEFPACK II

News Toray Films Europe, News - posted 06/06/2017

Toray Films Europe is pleased to announce its leading participation to the PEFPACK II consortium: a French government sponsored project for the development of PEF a 100% bio-based polymer to replace PET...

Aluminium prices trend up!

News Toray Films Europe, News - posted 09/03/2017

Discover Toray Films Europe innovative and cost-effective solutions to replace aluminium foil. Developed since 2012, Claryl® HBB-D (PET film) and Torayfan® PC3 (BOPP film) have shown not only better...