Toray Films Europe is totally committed to quality management. After its initial ISO 9002 certification in 1989, we extended its field of application to all our processes and achieved ISO 9001:2000 in January 2002.

To show our commitment to the foodstuffs packaging market, we adopted an approach in line with the principles of ISO 22000. We have therefore used the HACCP method (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) to carry out continuous risk assessment and implement best practices for hygiene on our site.

In addition, we obtained the ISO 22000 certification, which guarantees our compliance with the applicable food safety requirements and our policy.

Toray Films Europe has identified areas requiring ongoing improvement to minimize the impact of its activity on the environment, these are as follows: improvement of surrounding air and water quality, optimized waste management and preservation of water resources ; we are certified ISO 14001 since 2004. But also the improvement of the management system of our activities to enter a process of continuous improvement of our energy performance. We achieved ISO 50001 Certification in 2017.

All companies in the Toray group throughout the world are committed to the stipulations of its charter which define the company mission and the principles governing its actions. In particular, these principles concern the need to protect people, their health, goods and the environment.

In early 2010, our company has also obtained the AIB packaging and the BRC packaging certifications.

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Prevention of loss of industrial plastic granules

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