Toray Polypropylene films named Torayfan® were initially manufactured for industrial applications, such as capacitors and adhesive tapes, which it continues to provide, but quickly established itself as an innovating provider of engineered films for food packaging. Year after year, Toray push back the limits and develops new metallised films with excellent moisture and oxygen barriers. Sealable layer can be also fine-tuned to help converting process and speed increase.

One key strength of Toray is to propose Torayfan films in lower thickness than conventional solution without compromising in performance.

Ultra High-barrier, low SIT, high quality in-house metallization, moisture barrier, sealability, aluminum foil alternative are just some of the key features of our metalized polypropylene Torayfan films.

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Our metalised products including high barrier, low seal initiation temperature, high seal strength and stable CoF.

Suitable for many single web and laminate applications.

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Our thin gauge films to reduce packaging weight and potentially alleviate plastic tax.


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Our barrier films providing barriers to moisture, gases, and aroma without the use of PVDC.

Suitable for products requiring additional shielding to protect and extend the shelf-life.

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